Scankab is the obvious partner for you, who deal with tasks within infrastructure, including railway, tunnel, road construction, airport, metro etc.

A world in constant motion without power failure

With Scankab as the manufacturer and supplier of cables and cable management systems, the infrastructure will be a stable running operation and energy-efficient solutions. We have almost 30 years of experience in the cable business and are known for our professional service and complete solutions.

”The infrastructure required by the companies of the future will not entail the use of fewer cables. These are companies which will require immense volume of electrical power. Scankab wants to secure the supply of that power.”


The product range includes cables and cable mangement systems that live up to the strict government requirements to operational and fire safety.
Our production setup helps us to supply cables in desired lengths - without joints.

Why choose Scankab as your supplier?

  • More than 3500 cable types in stock in central Denmark
  • Wide range of wire mesh trays & cable ladders
  • Frontrunner on the highest CPR-classes
  • Day-to-day delivery
  • Personal service
  • Own production & development
  • High consistent quality

Unique series of UV-resistant & halogen-free fire-resistant installation cables

  • Operation secured and fire retardant acc. to the highest requirements
  • CPR-approved
  • Halogen free
  • Shielded & unshielded
  • UV-resistant
  • Flexible conductors














Front-runner in CPR-certified cables

EU Regulation is of consequences to those, who are to choose a supplier of cables. Scankab is right at the cutting edge - both in terms of knowhow and stocking CPR-approved cables, which fulfil the requirements of the new product standard EN50575. Scankab is able to deliver wiring cables of the highest class of fire safety B2ca- and Cca -s1a, d1, a1.


”We assist you as a installation contractor, by advising and guiding you and your clients to ensure that you are receiving optimum protection against fire”


Why choose cables from the highest classes of fire safety?

The damage caused by fire, breakdowns or other production stops are lessende by using the B2ca and Cca installation cables. These cables help to decrease the development of smoke, drops of particles and pyroligneous acids.

Find our CPR classified cables






Reduce the risk of power outages with the right cable trays

Scankab offers a complete range of cable management systems for installation, including wire mesh trays, cable trays and cable ladders. We stock everything from pregalvanized to stainless steel 316.

Our Cable management systems distinguishes that the same suspension system can be used for all three types of management systems. It ensures an easy and fast installation without unnecessary stock binding in materials.

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