Technology and society have changed markedly in the nearly 30 years that Scankab has existed. However, one thing has not changed. The world needs cables, and the demand for a sustainable partner has historical momentum.

As one of the frontrunners in the development, production and delivery of quality cables and routings, Scankab is actively contributing to the green transition.
For us, sustainability is especially about the environment with a focus on minimising energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste disposal.

“We can’t move energy if we don’t have a cable. Energy is needed for everything. As a manufacturer of fundamentally necessary connection systems, Scankab can make a real difference when it comes to developing our production methods and processes in a more sustainable direction.”

Green focus areas

This is how we take active corporate social responsibility
Scankab’s wide range of quality cables are always tested and certified according to international standards. Legislation and licencing conditions are a minimum requirement.

But Scankab strives to do more - please click the boxes below for a larger version:



Global Goal 9 is our everyday goal

Scankab supports the UN’s Global Goals with particular focus on Goal 9. It is about taking an active part in the work of building a robust infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and supporting innovation. When there is a natural connection with Scankab’s core business, we want to take the lead in a sustainable direction.