Responsible factories

At Scankab Cables, we work with subcontractors and transport partners who work to the highest environmental standards and prioritize sustainability, as we ourselves do.

As a supplier to combined heat and power plants, biogas plants, solar and wind turbine parks, we actively contribute to the national climate effort towards more renewable energy. But we also have an internal focus on renewable energy sources. 

Green energy

Around 16,000 m² solar cells adorn the roof of our factories in Spain, which means that the factories are 100% self-sufficient with green energy.

The solar cells are of course installed with our own solar cell cables

We have also installed LED lighting and have electric forklifts at our factories.


Below you can see a small film of the installation on the roof of our factories. Almost 100,000 meters of solar cell cable have been used. 



Charging stands at our locations

We are constantly expanding our car fleet with electric and hybrid cars to reduce the amount of CO2 produced. Here we can remove up to three diesel cars from the CO2 accounts for every single electric car we send out on the roads.

Around our locations, we have also established charging stations so that both our employees, customers and guests can supply their electric cars with electricity. 

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