From the outset in 1992, Scankab was the rebel of the cable industry. The business sold cables from a small garage store room and challenged the cable market.   
Most recently, Scankab has made its mark as a front runner in fireproof cables (CPR).

Full-line supplier
Scankab develops, manufactures and supplies quality cables and cable management to electrical contractors, industry, marine & offshore, infrastructure and energy. Since 2004, the company, which is based in the western part of Fuen, has been bestowed the honourable title of gazelle by the Danish Børsen. Scankab employs 42 staff at its headquarters in Aarup and its subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden. In 2015, Scankab extended its cable business by adding routing. The combination of more than 3,500 types of cable held in stock, the widest range of cable management system and an out-and-out flair for customer service, makes Scankab an attractive full-line supplier of cables.

The cable supplier of tomorrow
Technology and society have both changed dramatically over the 25-year lifespan of Scankab. However, one thing has not changed. The world needs cables.

"The more wireless connections we have, the greater the need for power units, and they require cables,"
says Morten Rasmussen, CEO.

As a supplier of tomorrows cable solutions, Scankab continues to focus on the development and competitive edge of the business.