Declaration of Performance (DoP)

The manufacturer has the legal obligation to develop a Declaration of Performance (DoP):

  • Product
  • Intended Use
  • The cable rating
  • Control system

This process must be performed by:

  • Official certification body
  • Official laboratory

Request a declaration of performance from your usual manufacturer on all permanent cables in construction.


CE marking

CE marking on the product:

  • Product identification
  • Intended use
  • Reaction to fire acc. to the new rules

It is important that you adjust your stock and your tasks for cables that are already designed and controlled by all CPR criteria.

You must:

  • Check that the cables are correctly identified on both the jacket and on the identification label
  • The product contains the CE mark in accordance with all applicable directives
  • The supplier has the Declaration of Performance that identifies the product's intended use and fire-compliances according to the new regulation