Which cables are covered?

Cables for installation in buildings are covered by the new rules of CPR: 

  • Power cables 
  • Installationcable 
  • Network cables 


The new standards

The previous standard IEC 60332-3 and all subcategories are replaced by EN 50575, which contains 7 subdevisions: 

  • Aca
  • B1ca
  • B2ca
  • Cca
  • Dca
  • Eca
  • Fca


The four classifications B2, C, D and E apply directly to electrical cables:



EN 50575 contains 4 fire classesfirectly applicable to cables. 

  • B2 & C are the cables with the greatest resistance in case of fire
  • These cables provide the greatest protection
  • The cables are fire-tested in a bundle - like IEC 60332-3 for 20 min.
  • According to current rules the cables are fire tested in independent laboratories
  • Continuous monitoring by independent body


  • D & E classified cables provide a more basic level of security
  • Only one single cable is tested for 30 seconds. - Not in a bundle!
  • Only self-monitoring
  • Preferably PVC cables
  • No requirement to smoke (s), droplets (d) and acidity (a)