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Here you will find range of product sheets with different products from our assortment.
The product sheets can be downloaded freely and if you need a printed version, please do not hesitate to contact Jacob, Lars, or Skougaard and they will make sure that you recieve and example.

ALUflex® PUR

We have producet this new ALUflex® PUR which is used as power cable for build switchboards. 

The cable is constructed as a pendant to the desired cobber cables which sadly is popular among thiefs.

Download the product sheet here


Scankab Cables' assortment of EMC cables e.g. contains the TOXFREE® RC4Z1F-K EMC, which i highly useful within the industry, is halogen free and flame retardant as well as having many other great advantages.  

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Scankab Cables also keep rubber cables where there is demands in regard to the flexibility. Common for all our rubber cables are that they are resistant towards heat and cold as well as keeping the flexibility.

In our assortment you will e.g. find Xtrem® H07RN-F, which is designed to supply power to low voltage installations as electric motors and submersible pumps.

Product sheet for H07RN-F 


Scankab Cables' portfolio for marine use includes a wide range of electricity, control, and instrumentation cables.
Scankab's assortment of TOXFREE® MARINE-kabler is designed and produced in accordance with international standards and fulfil the demands that are specified as standards for the IEC 60092 series.   
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Medium Voltage Cables

Scankab Cables also has medium voltage cables. Medium voltage cables is suitable for transmission of power and are found in both cobber and aluminium cables. In our assortment we e.g. have RHZ1 AL/ OL /2OL and HEPRZ1 AL.

Get the product sheet for medium votage cables here


Scankab Cables also has off-shore cables. In our off-shore assortment we have RFOU og BFOU which both are hard-wearing, mud resistant, supply, control, instrument, and VFD cables for use in Off-shore installations.  

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For fairs, festivals, concerts, exhibitons etc. If you need an extra power supply that the existing electricity network can not deliver, Scankab Cables has the perfect cables for that specific purpose.

POWERFLEX RV-K and XTREM H07RN-F are perfect cables for this purpose.

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