SCANFLEX ® HB CTS Hybrid - 300 V


SCANFLEX® HB CTS Hybrid is a hybrid cable with a Scanbus CTS cable implemented in a CTS-HB cable. 

SCANBUS CTS is used in industrial automation systems for computer networks and eletronic systems for data transmission control. The cable can be used over longer distances compared with RS 232-422 and RS 485 - Modbus. Is suitable indoor as well as outdoor (RAL 8023) for signal transmission in CTS, and where a flexible cable connection is required. The cable is halogen free and UV-resistant.



Stranded Cu, class 5
Bus: Stranded tinned Cu (7x0,25 mm AWG 22)


Halogen free
Bus: Foam skin polyethylen (EN 50290-2)

Conductor color

White and brown - DIN 47100
Bus: White and brown - DIN 47100

Outer sheath

Halogen free, violet or brown
Bus: Halogen free EN 50290-2, HD 624.7 S1, VDE 0207-HM2

Technical data

Working temperature
Flexible: -5° C to +70° C
Fixed:  -30° C to +70° C
Rated voltage

300 V

Test voltage

1200 V

Bend radius
Flexible: 10 x cable diameter
Fixed:  6 x cable diameter
Technical comments

Velocity of propagation:  78%
Insulation resistance: > 5000 MOhm x km.
Loop resistance: < 115 Ohm/km.
Impedance: 120 Ohm (+/- 10 Ohm)
Capacitance (conductor/conductor): 40 nF/km.
Capacitance (conductor/conductor/screen): 70 nF/km.

CPR classification:


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EN 50575, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034-2, VDE 0812, VDE 0482-265-2-1, CE, RoHS
Bending radius 10 x cable diameter
Electromagnetically protected
Environmentally friendly
Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
Halogen free
Low emission of corrosive gases acc. to IEC 60754
Low smoke emission during fire acc. to 61034
Max. working temp. +70° C
Min. working temperature -30° C
Suited for public places
SKU EAN CPR Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Packaging Color Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
K175015002B 5704403174324 Dca-s1,d1,a1 2x1,5+(1x2x0,34) HOB - D./Cut Violet 8,4 81
175015002B 5704403168460 Dca-s1,d1,a1 2x1,5+(1x2x0,34) HOB - D./Cut Brown 8,4 81
175025002B 5704403168477 Dca-s1,d1,a1 2x2,5+(1x2x0,34) HOB - D./Cut Brown 9,0 103
175015022B 5704403203062 Dca-s1,d1,a1 2x1,5+(2x2x0,34) HOB - D./Cut Brown 10,4 126
* The values can have small deviations