SOFT-FLEX JZ JZ, black - 300/500 V


SOFT-FLEX JZ black is an extra flexible cable especially designed for the light and sound business. For manufacturing of the outer sheath, a super soft and lead-free special PVC mix of the highest quality is used, that gives the cable extra flexibility and strength.



Bare Cu, class 5



Conductor color

Black with white numbering

Outer sheath

Super soft and leadfree special PVC mix, black

Technical data

Working temperature
Flexible: -5° C to +70° C
Fixed:  -30° C to +70° C
Rated voltage

300/500 V

Test voltage

4000 V

Bend radius
Flexible: 7,5 x cable diameter
Fixed:  4 x cable diameter


VDE 0295, IEC 60332-1, CE, RoHS
Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
Max. working temp. +70° C
Meter marked
Min. working temperature -5° C
SKU EAN Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Packaging Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
150015018 5704403025602 18G1,5 15 D./Cut 18,0 506
150025018 5704403025619 18G2,5 22 D./Cut 21,3 800
* The values can have small deviations