SCANFLEX ® CY EMC 1015, black - 300/500 V


SCANFLEX® CY EMC 1015, black is used where a flexible cable connection is needed, for instance control equipment in machinery and production. The cable is UV-resistant and therefore suited for outdoor installations. The cable is electromagnetic protected.



Bare Cu thread, class 5



Conductor color

Black with white numbers
Yellow/green protective conductor


Screen coverage of 100% consisting of:
Alu/polyester tape
Tin-coated braided Cu screen

Outer sheath

PVC, black, UV-resistant

Technical data

Working temperature
Flexible: -5° C to +70° C
Fixed:  -15° C to +70° C
Rated voltage

300/500 V

Test voltage

4000 V

Bend radius

10 x cable diameter


IEC 60332-1, CE, RoHS
Bending radius 10 x cable diameter
Electromagnetically protected
For industrial use
Max. working temp. +70° C
Outdoor use
Resistance towards oil and chemicals
SKU EAN Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Packaging Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
3160011490E 5704403118601 3G0,75 13 D./Cut 6,5 56
3160011491E 5704403118618 4G0,75 13 D./Cut 6,9 72
3160011492E 5704403118625 5G0,75 13 D./Cut 7,2 88
3160011494E 5704403144983 7G0,75 13 D./Cut 7,8 113
3160011500E 5704403118632 25G0,75 13 D./Cut 14,6 340
* The values can have small deviations