ETHERNET Bus P 3210 - 300 V


ETHERNET cables for flexible installation.

The ETHERNET cables refer to the American Standard EIA/TIA 568B (category 5E) and the European Standard EN 50288 series (Category 5), suitable to meet the FAST ETHERNET requirements which is a bit rate up to 100 Mbit/s. More detailed characteristics are available upon request.



Bare copper according to CEI EN 60228 (CEI 20-29) class 6



Conductor color



Tinned copper wire braid.
Coverage above 85%.

Outer sheath

PUR according to UL 1581, C22.2 no 210 and EN50363-10-2
Colour: green RAL 6016

Technical data

Working temperature

Fixed installation: -40oC to +80oC
Flexible installation: -30oC to +80oC

Rated voltage

300 V

Test voltage

1000 V

Bend radius

Fixed installation: 5 x cable diameter
Flexible installation: 10 x cable diameter


CEI EN 60228, UL 1581, UL 758, FT-1 CSA test C.22.2 nr. 210, EN 50363-10-2, IEC CEI EN 60332-1, ≤0,5% IEC 60754, CEI EN 50267-2, UL 758 table 15.1, UL/CSA registered: 80 °C 1000V style 21576, CE
Bending radius 5 x cable diameter
Electromagnetically protected
Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
Low emission of corrosive gases acc. to IEC 60754
Max. working temp. +80° C
Min. working temperature -40° C
Oil resistant
Suitable for cable chains
Water resistant
SKU EAN Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Packaging Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
82802224 - (2x2xAWG24) - D./Cut 6 54
82804224 - (4x2xAWG24) - D./Cut 6,7 70
* The values can have small deviations