Technical information

Information of a technical character 

Icon explanation

Her finder du en oversigt over alle de ikoner, som er brugt på hjemmesiden.

Conversion table (AWG/mm/mm2)

Here you will find our converting table so you easily can compare AWG (American Wire Gauge) with de approximately sizes i mm and mm2.

Colour codes

Here you will find extensive information on the usual color codes.

Kalkia calculation program

Kalkia is the latest calculation program to prepare all kinds of offers on electrical work. The program is extremely simple in its construction, but nonetheless, it satisfies the demands of the most demanding users.

Thread structure of Cu cables

Ifølge DIN VDE 0295 / IEC 60228.

Technical fire test

Technical fire test

Ecomatic program

Calculate your energy savings in your electrical installations.

Topmatic program

Calculate the best suited cable for your electrical installation.

EU-directive 2002/95/EF (RoHS)

On 1 July 2006, a new EU directive was introduced, called the RoHS directive.

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