Marine & Offshore

If you work with installation on ships, oil rigs, or similar within the Marine & Offshore industry, we have the neccesary approvals and cables perfectly suited for your project. 


Why choose Scankab Cables as your cable supplier?

  • More than 3500 cable types in stock at central location in Denmark
  • Day-to-day shipment
  • No cutting fees
  • Personal service
  • Own production and development
  • High and uniform quality
  • We are a healthy organisation


If you are looking for other cable types, choose one of the industries listed below and find the cable you are looking for:

Click here to see the whole cabel assortment or see our section with detailed technical information


Our personal service is always free, so save time and contact us via telephone: 
+45 7020 3455 and we will guide you to the best solution. 

We make it easy for you:

 Day-to-day shipment

 Free cutting

 Always the same contact person

 Customer adapted setup

Your contacts

Morten Skougaard

Morten Skougaard

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Henrik Hansen

Henrik Hansen

Account Manager, Export
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Søren Porse

Søren Porse

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
+45 2069 7205