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Scankab Cables A/S


Scankab Cables A/S was founded in 1992. The company is young and dynamic, which reflects itself in the constant growth that has characterised the company since the foundation. The growth has been particularly rapid since 2002, and the company harvests great appreciation on the market, especially in the Southern Region of Denmark, where we have been named gazelle-company every year since 2004.

The company today employs 42 persons placed in our office and warehouse in Aarup, as well as all over Denmark. We address the professional market, where the target groups are electricians, electricity distributors, engineers, buyers and counsellors. Our goal is to continue the large growth on the domestic market, but also to strengthen our position on the export markets in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.



Our wide assortment consists of more than 3500 in-stock cable types makes us relevant for a wide range og businesses. 

We specificly address the follwing businesses:




  Marine & Offshore






Scankab Cables wishes that the outside world sees the company as a healthy and respected company with:

  • Motivated staff members
  • Quality cables and competitive prices
  • Service
  • Success

Business strategy

It is Scankab Cables' business strategy:

  • to solve any task in the field of cables and wires, technical as well as practical
  • to base our solutions on the latest products within the cable business
  • to continuously join the development of new cables for the Danish and Scandinavian market
  • to ensure the company's ongoing development and competitiveness through correct revenue base

Your contacts

Morten Rasmussen

Morten Rasmussen

Managing director (CEO)

+45 7020 3455
Søren Porse

Søren Porse

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

+45 2069 7205