Installation cables

Here you find a wide range of low voltage cables used for installations. In copper and aluminium.

Fireproof cables IEC 60331

Fireproof cables used for installations where fire protection is in focus.

Industrial cables

Industrial cables are used in a large number of areas, such as factories, refineries, petrochemicals, transformer stations, gas stations, etc.

Rubber and crane cables

Rubber and crane cables to be used for e.g. power supply for building projects, machinery, electric tools and devices in trade and agriculture. This group also contains flat cables and welding cables.

Building power

Supply cables for building power

Tele, data and communication cables

Data and communication cables are used in different transmissions such as digital and analogue signals.

Marine and offshore cables

We carry a wide assortment of the best marine and offshore cables.

Medium and high voltage cables

For transport of medium- and high voltage power.

Special cables

Cables for special purposes, such as solar panels, airports and petrol station.


Various accessories for cables.

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