Premiere ALUflex AL-R

We are now launching the brand new and fantastic cable - ALUflex® AL-R, which is a halogen-free aluminum cable with round conductors.

The round conductors have, unlike the current model with sector-shaped conductors, many advantages:

  • Round conductors = extremely flexible and easy to install
  • Can easily be mounted in the sleeve without the need for round baling
  • Easy to bend = move easily around corners
  • New halogen free compound core and jacket = flexible and easy to strip
  • UV-stabilized
  • Halogen-free and must be buried
  • 90 ° C operating temperature
  • Meets all IEC standards for this type of cable
  • High and consistent product quality from our own production


All these advantages means you save time - and when you save time - you'll save money!


Your contacts

Morten Skougaard

Morten Skougaard

+45 6343 1538
Freddy Linde Jensen

Freddy Linde Jensen

Group Commercial Manager
+45 6029 7211
Søren Porse

Søren Porse

Group Operations Manager
+45 2069 7205