We are launching a new cable

Are you also tired of thieves stealing your build power cables?

- call us for the new ALUflex® PUR 0,6/1 kV for your next task.  

Scankab Cables are proud to introduce our new flexible supply cable in aluminium. Itis highly resistant at the construction site due to the robust jacket of PUR. ALUflex® PUR is incredibly flexible and the weight is reduced by approximately 50%.

The low weight also leads to an improved working environment on manual handling of the cable.

ALUflex® PUR can be used in both dry, damp and wet environments and is suitable for installation in cable ducts, trays and channels, and inside and outside buildings.

Find the product sheet for ALUflex® PUR here

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Morten Skougaard

Morten Skougaard


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Freddy Linde Jensen

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