X-VOLT FR-N20XA8E-AR, 3 conductor - 12/20 kV


X-VOLT FR-N20XA8E-AR is used for medium voltage installations or distribution networks both indoors and outdoors.
Ex. for the supply of transformer stations, infrastructure, wind turbines, solar parks, factory plants, data centers along with others. 



Aluminium, cl. 2


Cross-linked polyethylene insulation, type PR, natural color. Cross-linked in catenary line with nitrogen atmosphere. 

Inner sheath

Insulation screen: Semi-conducting XLPE
Inner covering: Semi-conducting water-swellable tape
Radial water barrier: Aluminum/plastic laminate tightly attached to outer sheath


Strippable cross-linked semiconductor screen applied over insulation in a triple-extrusion process.
Aluminium foil. 

Outer sheath

Polyolefin, black

Technical data

Working temperature

-15 °C to +90 °C

Rated voltage

12/20 kV

Test voltage

42 kV

Bend radius

15 x cable diameter


IEC 60754, NF C 33-226, EN 60228,
Bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Can lay in tubes
For use in cable trays
Halogen free
Max. short circuit temp. +250° C
Max. working temp. +90° C
Min. working temperature -15° C
Outdoor use
SKU EAN Dimension (mm2) Current Value (A) Packaging Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
1033T050.FR# 5704403190263 3x1x50 201 Drum 58,3 2115
1033T095.FR# 5704403190270 3x1x95 295 Drum 62,6 2625
1033T150.FR# 5704403190287 3x1x150 377 Drum 66,1 3135
1033T240.FR# 5704403190294 3x1x240 497 Drum 75,3 4315
1033T400.FR# 5704403190300 3x1x400 639 Drum 88,0 6000
1033T500.FR# 5704403190317 3x1x500 - Drum - -
1033T630.FR# 5704403190324 3x1x630 846 Drum 103,5 8605
* The values can have small deviations